Camera / Tracking


Movement is an integral part of playing Sparc, and it's important to stay within the view field of the camera in order to keep uninterrupted tracking on both the headset and the Move controllers.

Many VR games are configured with the player in a sitting position, so we recommend that each player calibrates the camera properly for use with Sparc.

  1. Hold the PS button on the Move controller to bring up the "Quick Menu".
  2. Select "Adjust PlayStation VR".
  3. Select "Confirm Your Position".
  4. This will bring up the camera view(which will have a green-washed tint if done from in-game). The Move controller spheres will be clearly visible.
  5. Holding the Move controllers, raise your arms in the air and make sure that the Move spheres are in view.
  6. Holding the Move controllers, lower your arms to your sides and make sure that the Move spheres are in view.
  7. Adjust the camera as needed to keep the Move spheres in view at all times.

Remember that the top section of the Move controller needs to be in view of the camera to maintain perfect tracking.



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