How to play


The Tutorial from the Main Menu provides a great overview of how to play the game. However basic game function to play a Sparc matches are:

  • Hold down the trigger to hold the ball.
  • Release the trigger when throwing the ball. The ball can be thrown with overhand, side hand, or lower hand movements.
  • A shield is triggered automatically while you hold a ball with a charge. The shield is lost when you have deflected an opponent’s ball once.
  • A charge can be recharged by throwing your ball across the foul line.
  • Points are accumulated by hitting the opponent with your ball.
  • Throwing your ball through the zone around your opponent will result in a strike. With each strike your ball will get bigger and faster until you hit your opponent, at which point it will reset back to its normal size.
  • In Basic mode, you are equipped with knuckleguards that can be used to deflect your opponent’s ball. In Advanced mode you do not have knuckleguards.


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