Getting Started


Getting Started

You can find Sparc on the PlayStation store Here.

The initial download is up to 5GB and needs to be completed before the game is playable.

In order to play Sparc you need to have a Sony VR Headset, a motion tracking camera and two PS Move Controllers

If you have not already, please read through the PS VR setup guide here.



Sparc is a game that requires physical activity so you’ll need some clear space! You are going to be flailing about and dodging incoming projectiles and we don’t want you ending up punching/tackling your parents/pets/friends/TV/wall etc, so please make sure you have the space you need.

The minimum play area depends on the height of the person playing, but the general recommendation is that you stay about 5-7ft(2m) back from the camera and can stretch both arms out without encountering any obstruction.



We recommend that you place the camera at roughly head level so that it is pointed slightly downward toward your chest.

The camera uses visible light to track the PSVR headset and Move controllers, so blocking the line of sight to either will result in tracking loss.



As the camera uses visible light to track the Headset and Move controllers, bright lights can negatively affect tracking quality.

We recommend that you keep the lighting dim and stable. Turning on the room lights or opening curtains during play may degrade tracking performance. Pay particular attention to light sources behind the player in view of the camera.



There are plenty of calibration options available for PS VR and you should absolutely look at all of them, but we recommend the ones below specifically for Sparc:

  • Open the PlayStation menu and select “Settings”
  • Select “Devices”
  • Select “PlayStation VR” and go through each of the options below
    • Adjust VR Headset Position
    • Adjust PlayStation Camera
    • Adjust Tracking Lights


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