Getting Started


Please note that CCP Games has officially cancelled game support for SPARC

Getting Started

You can purchase and download Sparc on three platforms: Sony PlayStation Here, HTC VIVE Here, and on Oculus Here.

The initial download is up to 5GB and needs to be completed before the game is playable.

Depending on the platform used, the following items are required to play Sparc:

For PlayStation you need to have a Sony VR Headset, a motion tracking camera and two PS Move Controllers.

For HTC VIVE you need to have the VIVE Headset, Controllers and Base Stations.

For Oculus you need to have the Oculus Rift Headset and Controllers plus the Oculus Sensor.


Please note that an internet connection is required to play SPARC, and that PlayStationPlus must be active if you're playing via PlayStation.


If you have not already, please make sure to read through the setup guide for your platform, as each platform has settings for Lighting, Camera Positioning and Play Area that needs to be set up properly before the game can be played.

For PlayStation go Here.

For HTC VIVE go Here.

For Oculus go Here.



Sparc is a game that requires physical activity so you’ll need some clear space! You are going to be flailing about and dodging incoming projectiles and we don’t want you ending up punching/tackling your parents/pets/friends/TV/wall etc, so please make sure you have the space you need.

The minimum play area can vary between platforms, but the general rule is that you need to stay about 5-7ft(2m) back from the camera/TV and can stretch both arms out without encountering any obstruction.

For example, see the PlayStation setup:



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